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Use Cases

XKRUG solutions are scalable, heterogeneous and modular system solutions for data loggers based on XKRUG software tools and enclosure solutions.


These can can be used in trucks as well as in cars.


In combination with the fully automated battery and backup system, XKRUG solutions are used for validation and vehicle protection used by AD/ADAS functions.

In-Vehicle Mobile Rack Integration

Our In-Vehicle Mobile Rack provides a custom mobile solution

  • Modular and scalable CAR Interfaces on breakout panels for CAN-FD, FlexRay and Automotive Ethernet

  • Example for modular and scalable Solutions for Storage, Sensor Processing and Signal or Object Visualisation

  • Distributed and Time triggered Data Logging without performance
    impact between storage, visualisation and processing!


Onsite Service for Field Operational Testing & Validation

The XKRUG team offerrs Onsite Services for System Testing of AD-/ADAS Functions to validate them, worldwide.

  • Proof of Concepts for Heterogeneous Multi Core ECU or Domain Controllers

  • TIER1 Development Support for Field Operational Testing (FOT)

  • Recorder & Playback for Experimental ECUs/Sensors

  • ADTF 2/3.x Field Operational Tests for Domain Controlller, Radar, Camera & LIDAR ECUs

  • eHorizion/ADASIS Tool Boxes

  • ROS.X Object Data Visualization

  • Hardware in the Loop (Hil) and Simulation Interfaces

UserCase FieldTest3.JPG

Professional Operating Vehicle Operating System Akronym: POV.OS

In the joint project POV.OS, an innovative operating system is to be developed as an open architecture consisting of hardware and software for the use and functionalization of mobile work machines

  • The goal of the project is the holistic conception and demonstrative implementation of a cross-application platform with modular system components, which can be used as a basis for specifying and implementing application-related automation, assistance and driving functions.

  • Funding volume: 19.1 MEUR over 3 years. Project start: January 1st, 2023

POC Project1.jpg
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