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XKRUG solutions are scalable, heterogeneous and modular system solutions for data loggers based on XKRUG software tools and



These can can be used in trucks as well as in cars.


In combination with the fully automated battery and backup system, XKRUG solutions are used for validation and vehicle protection used by AD/ADAS functions.

Data Logger

Our data logger solutions provide modular and scalable enclosure solutions and vehicle integration

  • The  Data Logger is a fully integrated PC Platform 

  • The major technical features are:

    • Up to  30TB U.2 NVMe SSD Support in SSD -Bay 

    • On-board 24-port 10 GETH managed Switch

    • Up to 8 Cameras connected to Video Server

    • 1x High End LTE/WLAN/BT Router compatible

    • to 4G networks, worldwide

    • Multiple Automotive Ethernet Ports

    • Multiple IO Ports für USB-C, DP, HDMI 

    • Touch Control Display for System Monitoring

    • Ignition -/ Keyline Support for on/off

    • pre-installed 64-Bit Linux or Win 10 IoT


Distributed Data Logging Network

The focus is on "no performance impact between storage, visualisation and processing!"

  • 3 different systems compose the distributed data logging:

    • 1..n data storage

    • 1..n sensor data processing

    • 1 online visualisation

  • All Systems with same or compatible housing

    • All systems with dedicated ethernet for timestamping
      (all systems have a synchronized time stamping!)

    • All Systems are connected by high bandwidth ethernet (2*10GBs)

  • Scalable for smaller system configurations

  • Extensions for additional storage or processing systems


Fully Automated Battery and Backup Solutions

The fully integrated Battery Backup Unit with DC 12/24 V input, typical up to 100A output and LiFePO4 high capacity internal or optional external.

  • Intelligent Power Control for Ignition -/ Keyline Support for system on/off incl. Software API

  • Control Display for System Monitoring

  • Optional remote Access

  • Extensions for additional storage or processing systems


Customized Rack Solutions for Cars and Trucks

This customized solution is a proprietary solution from XKRUG 3D CAD Development and production with following features

  • Modular and scalable CAR Interfaces on breakout panels for CAN-FD, FlexRay and Automotive Ethernet

  • Cableling to interconnect Car Interfaces

  • UPS Option for reliable operating while FOT

  • System Health Monitoring

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